You don’t have to be able to see the finish line to take off running. What you do need to remember is that this is a progression, not a destination. When the whole picture is so huge, daunting and overwhelming (there is just SOOOO much stuff), where do you even start? Priorities! You have to make a short list of priorities. Yes there is a lot that needs to be done, but what is it that stresses you out the most? Personally, my life-long learning curves are paying the bills on time and keeping up on laundry (now, don’t be impressed, there are others) These are just a couple of my biggest, yours may be different.

This is the age of technology. Who doesn’t touch some form of technology on a daily basis (ok, some indigenous folks of far off tundra’s, they’re out there, I’ve seem ’em on tv)? One of many lovely features of modern technology is that most of it can be automated (whoo hoo! something that does what’s expected without being told. That’s better than having kids!).

My all time personal favorite is the Amazon Kindle. It’s small enough to fit in a medium sized purse, big enough to read (without pop bottle eyeballs on), and combines several gadgets all in one place. Now, it can’t help with my laundry

Just a generic picture of an e-reader.

issue, but it can keep me on track with my bills. You see, the calendar on my kindle has this really cool feature that lets you schedule recurring bills to automatically show up on the calendar every single month and you only have to put it in once (where has this been all my life!).

Yes, your smartphone can probably do the same thing (the kindle is easier to read). Yes, there are many other electronic organizers out there. The Kindle is one of the more widely known and popular devises with up-to-date technology, a wide variety of options from all that is Amazon, and easy access customer service (in the event you ever have an issue).