Rolling Garbage Can?

Clutter knows no bounds. Most of us live in our cars -vs- treating it like a prized possession. Some car organizing ideas would come in handy to keep life a little more clutter free and stress free. These tips and tricks should help to spark some creative ideas of your own. Maybe you won’t use them all, but one or two will help to keep that clutter monster in check.

First of all you want to start by taking everything out and vacuuming that pig sty. Garbage in the can, toys back to the toy box, clothes to the laundry room, dishes to the sink, you get the idea. You might even find some long lost treasures. Oh! and don’t forget the door panels and under the seats. You will be amazed at how different it will feel just to unload and vacuum.

Now start to put back only what you need. You’ll definitely want the car phone charger. A few dollars and quarters in the console may not be a bad idea (just make sure it’s not out in plain sight). And I might suggest putting a few dry napkins in the glove box along with some wet wipes (not a whole box for crying out loud, just a small travel package). Check the baby section in the store or you might find some in with the travel sized toiletries. A Ziploc sandwich bag works well too. Also consider one of those Swiffer dusters. It fits nicely in the glove box and can be used at random for a quick sweep of the dusty dash and console.

Dealing with the trash

The first thing that tends to pile up fast is garbage; fast food bags, empty drink cups, candy wrappers or chip bags. I found that if you cut down a, not too big, cardboard box and put it on the floor behind the drivers seat it’s easy access for the whole car. The sides or opening don’t collapse, and as the driver gets out it’s right there on that side of the car to be quickly and easily emptied. They make small pop-up garbage cans for lockers and I have even seen just a plastic grocery sack looped over the gear shift (the pocket behind the seat is a great place to stash several of these – and they make great doggie doo doo bags). (The trick here is not only to have one but to actually use it, harder yet is to empty it once in a while and put it back in the car [youngest son]).

*Something else to keep in mind is it’s actually against the law in some states to not have a garbage receptacle in your car.

Back of seat organizer

Have you ever seen one of those strap it to the back of the front seats netted, pocket things? Those work perfect for kids entertainment; color books and crayons, action figures (or my little pony), small stuffed animals (the two year old wouldn’t go anywhere without her tiny purring kitty). You can even store hand held games in there. Oh! and snacks. like small chip bags, juice boxes and other non-gooey finger foods.

*On a side note, another niece (mother of 4, half being a set of twins) highly recommends a small hand vacuum (and a dog, dogs eat everything). You can get them with a car charging plug and keep it under one of the seats (the vacuum, not the dog).


Drink holders

Moving further back. Make sure you have enough drink holders for every seat in the car or get some of those portable ones that you slide into the window gasket. Just research car drink holders. There’s like a million different styles and designs (ok, not a million, but a lot). It also might be a good idea to stow at least one light weight throw blanket and maybe one of those U shaped neck pillows (Warning: neck pillow is for passenger use only, driver can use the blanket if necessary).

Finally, the far back

SUV, Mini Van or car trunk, the way back where you will most likely dump your groceries, stuff the stroller, or chuck the luggage. This is where you will most likely look for most of your car organizing ideas. Here again you can use cardboard boxes (my grandma does) or you can get a nicer compartmentalized organizer that will keep your soda bottles from rolling around (nobody likes the thought of a pop bottle blowing up when it’s opened). There are hanging bag styles, open top box styles, even cooler styles (like an ice chest, not like more awesome than that guys). There’s also gate styles and net styles. I even had one once that was hard plastic like a truck bed liner but was sizable like a curtain rod.

A final thought

Following the Boy Scouts moto of Always Be Prepared: keep in the back: a car rag (for checking the oil or wiping condensation from the inside of windows), jug of water and a quart of oil, a flash light and a set of jumper cables. Just in case.


Feel free to add any tips, tricks or hacks that you use or have proven to be useful in the comments below. We like input 🙂